Directions to Inverness Marina by Sea

WPT Meikle Mee SHM By Fl G 3S, 57° 30’• 25N , 04° 12’ • 03W, 250°/ 0.74M to Longman Pt bn. Inverness Firth is deep from Chanonry Pt to Munlochy SWM buoy, but shoal 2.1m to Meikle Mee buoy. Meikle Mee partly dries. Tidal streams are strong S of Craigton Pt (E-going stream at sp exceeds 5kn). Entrance to river Ness is narrow with 3.6m LWS.

Navigational advice for craft transiting between Inverness Marina and the Caledonian Canal, or vice versa.

  • All pleasure craft must give way to commercial shipping at all times, when entering or leaving Inverness Marina

As a general rule large commercial shipping proceeds to and from the Harbour in the period of -2hrs High Water, up to High Water Inverness, and occasionally at slack Low Water.

If arriving or departing during the above times, call Inverness Pilots on Ch 12 VHF to check channel is clear. If no response, then proceed with caution and maintain listening watch on Ch 12.

The speed limit between the Kessock bridge and Inverness Marina is 10 knots.

  • Craft should be aware of the shallow underwater shoal which extends 280m northwards from Carnarc Point Light (Fl.G.2s4M), on the west side of entrance to the River Ness.
  • All craft should be aware that strong currents exist in the area of the Kessock Bridge and the Kessock roads

From Inverness Marina to Caledonian Canal entrance

Vessels should depart Inverness Marina and follow the middle of the river channel until abeam of the red Outer Beacon, (Q.R.4M), and only then commence turn to port.

Subsequently proceed up the middle of the Firth until flagpole at Charleston Community Hall (on the North Shore), is abeam to starboard. (Thus keeping clear of a drying shoal on south bank.)

From this point turn to port and head in a WSW’ly direction towards the Caledonian canal sea-lock.
The canal sea-lock can be contacted on Ch 74 VHF.

From Caledonian Canal entrance to Inverness Marina

Vessels should leave Caledonian canal sea-lock entrance and initially head northwards to mid channel.
(Thus keeping clear of a drying shoal on south bank).

Subsequently head along mid Firth in an easterly direction, steering for the centre span of Kessock Bridge, until the line of the River Ness is open and clear on the starboard quarter, and only then commence starboard turn to proceed up the river channel to Inverness Marina.

The entrance to Inverness Marina is just within the river-mouth, on the port side.

Please contact Inverness Marina office should you require any further information.
Tel : +44 1463 220501 OR VHF Ch 12

Yatch Harbour Associations Gold Anchor Award

Inverness Marina is part of The Yacht Harbour Association's Gold Anchor Award Scheme and we are rated at Four Gold Anchors. This means that we reach the international standards set for marinas and that we offer excellent facilities, a very high level of service to our members and we have achieved the ICOMIA Clean Marina standard.

Office Contact Information

  • T: +44 (0) 1463 220501
  • E:
  • Registered Office: Longman Dr, Inverness IV1 1SU Scotland
  • Registered in Scotland No. SC325102

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